Costs of Quality

How about the costs?

Most clients prefer to know exactly how much a project will cost them before starting it. In fact, it is impossible to know exactly how much time will be required to finish the project. How much a web site will cost depends solely on each individual site's requirements.


"Nevermind, I hear the costs of web design in Vietnam are cheap!"
Sure, there's always a neighbour's nephew or someone's cousin who can build a website for $100. Think twice! Your web site reflects your business which in turn reflects you. If you are running a  professional and legitimate business, how could you expect good value for the price of a dinner?

How can We justify that?
Let’s first look at the general web site design process we typically follow.

First Draft
We begin designing the basic layout and navigation. It is still a prototype, just enough for a common understanding, not the actual solution. The actual iterative improvements start after you have reviewed the work and provided your feedback.

Extracting all Requirements
Clarifying the scope of the project which provides a solid foundation to begin with. By defining the concept we get to understand the exact needs of your project and map out the requirements of the entire project before moving on.

We then build the design into a working prototype. Since the project is 24/7 accessible to you on our server, we will work together to polish and tweak the site until it’s completely to your liking.

Testing and Launch
Although the project is tested at each stage of the build, it needs a final usability test across all browsers, checking for functionality and appearance. Once the site is launched We'll monitor the site for a week and correct any potential problems that may arise.

We can safely assume that $100 isn’t going to cover all of the above.
My first commercial job in web design was in 1998 and I have been developing and designing web sites ever since.
Our team spends countless hours refining skills and staying on top of cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible product for our clients.


The Bottom Line:

'In real life, you would not seriously expect to get a Mercedes for the cost of a Honda.'