Mobile Proof

Are you still serving mobile visitors a site that was designed for desktop?

Just as mobile sales have already overtaken desktop sales, mobile internet usage will soon overtake desktop internet usage.devices As the presence of smartphones and tablets rapidly multiply, so will the importance of mobile-friendly websites. A mobile website can boost your company’s sales and attract new clients. You may be interested to know that Google recently produced a report showing how our society has become one of multiscreen consumers. Apply this fact to the accessibility of your business.

With more customers coming to your website via a mobile method, having a mobile-friendly site  to accommodate them is an absolute necessity – and that’s before factoring in the social media that is just a fingertip away on so many mobile devices.
The majority of mobile users looking to buy on a site or simply get information will leave that site within seconds if it is not mobile-friendly.

A website is considered mobile friendly if:

  • The viewport is configured correctly
  • Zoom control is urestricted
  • Page content fits the device width
  • Text on page is readable
  • Links and tap targest are suffiently large and touch-friendly
mobile friendly bing



The Bottom Line:

Not having a mobile-friendly site helps your competitors.