Our Web Design Workflow

Web Design is more about communication than pixel, your input is one important key to success.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is vital that you and us have a complete understanding of the site’s objectives from the very beginning. Our common goal will have an impact on the entirety of the site. Furthermore, the quote that we provide for you will depend on your specific, stated needs.


Initial Planning

Please be as specific as possible with the features you want for your website. The better we understand your goal, the better we can serve you with an attractive and effective site. Knowing who your audience is will influence not only the site’s aesthetics but also its functionality. It is imperative that you define this perspective before proceeding. Questions to consider are: 

  • What is the main purpose of the website? 
  • What do you want to focus on? 
  • What specific requirements do you need? 

First Design Draft

The work on your website will begin upon receipt of the site proposal and a 50% deposit. After you have sent us the text, graphics, leads, and all the other content that you wish to have on the site, we'll begin designing the basic layout, visual aspects, and navigation. At this point, the site will be in its prototype stage. In a sense, it will be a canvas on which we will illustrate the concept of your website.

The actual nuts-and-bolts work will start after you review our progress and give us your feedback.


This is where we finalize everything you have specified. We also integrate all graphic and text that you provided earlier. Metaphorically speaking, we will take the bricks that are the details of your site and construct the house you wanted. Last but not least, we will also provide basic Search Engine Optimization. Yes, you read that right. The basic SEO is included!

While we're putting together the final touches on your site, you should look into finding a good host. We can offer an unbiased recommendation if you’d like.


Your new website will need intensive testing. Load testing, link checking, and cross-browser compatibility will only be a few of the issues that we’ll make sure are working right.
Your site will display equally on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. Using older, outdated browsers will be a disservice to your new site, so we refrain from doing that.

Once you have approved the final version and sent us the final payment, we’ll be happy to upload and install everything to your server.


Please note that after we have completed the work as you specified, and you want to make additional changes, such as tacking on some extra pages or new functionality, we'll need to be fair and ask you for additional, adequate payment.