Your Website Budget

Being up front with your website budget amount gives you the best results.

Why do we ask for your budget amount? Well, without providing a budget to work from – you’re making us guess, and it’s nothing more than a waste of time for both parties to quote on no budget amount.

Us knowing what your website budget amount is can speed up significantly the time spent on Question & Answer Sessions, as well as the time we spend preparing your estimate. Really, preparing website proposals is not exactly the fun part of doing web design. However, our goal is to deliver the best possible product for your budget.

Remember, what you’re getting is an estimate, not a guarantee of the total cost. There is no telling what may happen during development.

"But I'm afraid my Budget for the Website is kinda low.."

So what? If your initial budget doesn’t allow for all the bells and whistles you want, there are always alternatives that can make for a very nice website. Researching scripts may turn up a less costly way for us to provide solutions for one or more of the items on your wish list. We can also help you to constructively scale your site down a bit until you have the funds to add the fancier features.

The Bottom Line

It can take a substantial number of hours to put together an estimate. If we're estimating a site for which you gave an inaccurate website budget amount, you’re not doing either of us any favours. The end result is that we’ve spent quite a bit of time putting your estimate together and you receive an estimate that does you no good whatsoever. What was the point of going through the process? Being up front with your budget amount gives you the best results and we’ll work with you every step on the way to get you a web site that reflects your business!